Client: Turner Broadcasting
Art Director: Turner Broadcasting
Director: Mainframe

Mainframe were delighted to win the pitch to rebrand the Boomerang channel worldwide.

We were responsible for the concept, execution and delivery including the traditional packaging deliverables, such as end boards, menus, bumpers and ID's, we also created stunt event packaging.

We adorned the environments and characters with bespoke treatments for movies, halloween and Xmas.

My Role

Creating concept, storyboard, animation and multiple of different version of channel package materials from start to finish.

Concept & Storyboarding.

Coming up with different ideas and storyboards for different IDs.

Environment & Character Animations.

In each world, the environment is built up by 2D layers in 3D space to create the sense of depth. The characters are rigged and animated according to each of the deliverables and combined with small camera movements to create a dynamic feel.

3D Elements.

Occasionally there are objects in each world that are made in 3D. We would use the 2D animated scene as a reference and animate the 3D objects, then render and composite them back into the 2D scene.