Ocean Snapper

Illustration & Characters & Motion & UI

Client: Mediatonic

Ocean Snapper is a social platform game, hosted on Facebook, myspace and bebo.

The game lets each player to have their own fish tank to keep their own fish. To progress through the game, the players need to capture a picture of the fish that are required to fill their album and that will give them experience points to level up and gain access to new fish and decorative tank items.

As the game is a social game, it requires the player to share or request their friend’s help to achieve certain goals and items or to level up quicker.

My Role

Designing fish, items, icons, UI elements, customisation element, fish animation and setting up asset for the game using XML.

Fish Design

Design different types of fish. Each individual fish are designed and animated with 7 different states.

Game Screen

This is the player’s home screen where wallpaper, fish tank background, and fish tank decoration can be all customised. Their main navigation bar is on the shelf where the fish tank sits.


Created some rich, graphic icons to fit in with the game style.

UI & Animations

Design user interface elements that match the game style and deliver messages with the right look and feel to the players.