TheTrainline App - Redesign


Client: Personal Project app redesign is a self initiate project. It is an app that a lot of commuters and train rider use, however I feel that their current user interface is a bit cluttered and it could be improved dramatically and made more intuitive for the user.

The objective is to rebuild the user interface and make the user experience much more pleasant and time saving.

My Role

Designing the new user interface with a more intuitive user experience.

Simple User Interface

A clean and simple user interface where relative information are displayed clearly to the user.

New And Intuitive UI

Quick navigation icons to let user get directly to the information they want to see easily and quickly.


Pixel perfect line icons.

Further Concept

Stripping back the clutter and mass amount of data that is presented to the user and use a gentler graphical approach to focus on the most important data to the user.